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What is the NEOED software suite?

Designed exclusively for educational institutions, NEOED’s human capital capital management solution consists of four integrated modules–– Recruit, Develop, Manage, and Comply. The modules work together seamlessly to support the unique needs of education HR and Academic Affairs teams and automate the entire employee lifecycle, while maintaining the highest standards of compliance.

What are the modules?

The four modules that make up NEOED’s HR solution include Recruit, Develop, and Manage:

The Recruit module includes an Applicant Tracking System, an onboarding solution, and the #1 education job board. With Recruit, you will accelerate time to hire by centralizing the process of attracting applicants, screening them, and landing a qualified hire that’s productive on day one, while ensuring compliance.

The Develop module includes performance management and learning management systems. With Develop, you will build a more capable workforce by empowering managers with professional development tools and customized training programs that support employees and maintain organizational compliance.

The Manage module includes a comprehensive HRIS. With Manage, you will utilize a highly secure system that ensures HR teams stay organized and compliant by centralizing employee data, payroll, and benefits.

The Comply module helps you take control of your organization’s policies and procedures with a central repository that stores, tracks, and automates the management of every living document that supports your workforce.

What can I expect from the demo?

Your hour-long, free product demonstration will be led by one of our Product Specialists who will tailor the demo to your organization’s needs. There are no strings attached!


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